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Tbdress is a global leading fashion Wedding dresses store , today we will bring you a Luxurious Embroidery Beading Ball Gown Floor-Length Sweetheart Cathedral Train Wedding Dress. 

Tbdress reviews supply many useful tbdress reviews and complaints from tbdress real customer, hope these tbdress reviews will help you know more about tbdress wedding dresses design, quality and customer service.enjoy!

The following ares some tbdress reviews from tbdress customer.

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Poor quality, bad service and dresses that come that are totally different from the website.

PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR CHEAP PRICES! Yes, their prices are cheap, but so is their product. Read most of these reviews and you can tell they are fake. They are not written by someone whose first language is English and that should be your first clue. I bought a pair of shoes from them and the were the poorest quality I have ever seen. I mean worse made then anything you've bought at a discount store in America. I tried to return them but their return policy requires that you "prove" that the item was poorly made. Then they only allow you to send them 3 images of 500 KB or less. That sure makes it hard to make your case. Buyer beware - you get what you pay for!

I ordered my wedding dress on tbdress.com. I got it within three weeks, in line with the timing expectations set when I ordered. The only weird thing was that you are able to order something without paying for it. I got an order confirmation and since I had put in my payment info, I thought I just had to wait for my dress, but then got a followup email saying they wouldn't make the dress until I had paid. It turned out I had clicked submit payment and was then asked to sign up for paypal, I closed the window thinking my payment had been submitted but really I was supposed to "decline and submit." My dress fits perfectly and was an awesome deal. No dress I've seen in a magazine is as perfect for me as the one I found on TB.

I must have been one of the (seemingly few) lucky ones, or perhaps it's because I'm not one who fusses much over detail. I got an evening dress from TB and even though it did take a while to arrive (which got me a little worried) and it did come in a tiny little bag all folded up, the dress is all good. The colour which was supposed to be gold, leans towards a goldish brown colour. But it still looks nice. As for the measurement, it all fitted perfectly however I could make a second dress from the excess length (but I am short...). My friend also got her bridesmaid dresses from TB and she is happy with them. So perhaps it really is a chance game when you order from them... MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR...

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