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Tbdress is a global leading fashion Wedding dresses store , today we will bring you a 3/4 Length Sleeves Draped Organza A-Line Lace Wedding Dress. 

Tbdress reviews supply many useful tbdress reviews and complaints from tbdress real customer, hope these tbdress reviews will help you know more about tbdress wedding dresses design, quality and customer service.enjoy!

The following ares some tbdress wedding dresses reviews from tbdress customer.

I was particularly impressed by the round-the-clock customer support available here. The way they guided me through each of the phases, from selection to payment, was like slicing through butter with a hot knife. From now onwards it’ll be only Tbdress whenever I want to purchase anything.

I have bought a red one dress for one of my wedding dresses. The color is bright and shinning. It makes me feel confident on my wedding dress and I have become the most beautiful bride. The dress is excellent!

I ordered my wedding dress from this site. It was two months before my wedding when I placed the order. I did it earlier because I had to have some more time to fix any mishaps. Lucky enough the dress was fixed and sent to me before a month was over. The sizing was as I had indicated, because it fitted me so perfectly. It was not that expensive and remained quality and well packaged. Wau!! am now married.

I recently purchased a dress from here, and it was pretty. When I tried it on, however, it did not look good on my body...it bunched in places it should not have, and just looked awkward with my body type. I wanted to return it for a refund, since I was not happy with it and they will not take it back. Their return policy states that you need to send persuasive pictures as to why you are not happy with the product. I sent them pictures to show how it bunched, and simply did not look good on my body. They responded WEEKS later, only to say that, "it is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it. We wish that you keep it." Of course, this really upset me! It is not their place to judge whether or not I keep their product simply because THEY think it is beautiful. They might, does not mean that I do. Every ones opinion is different. I am very disappointed with their customer service. The dress was pretty, just not on me. They did not even offer an exchange...just a discount on my next purchase! Why would I want a discount, let alone another dress from here after this experience!? Very disappointing...Now I am stuck with this dress. My fault for purchasing online, but I thought I would be able to return it since one cannot judge whether or not it will look good until you try it on. Plus, they are trying to tell me that it is beautiful and I should keep it...of course they are going to say that, they made it! The dress was pretty, not the best quality, but the customer service completely ruined it for me...

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