Manvelos Brand of tbdress-TBderss Reviews

  Manvelous is one of the brand of tbdress store. Is there anyone know the detailed info about this brand? If you have not heard of it, no matter, and now TBdress Reviews is very glad to introduce it to you.
1. Brand introduction:
  Manvelous is a young and fashion brand founded in 2015. Covering 3 main categories including tops, outerwear, bottom. Manvelous complement each other in a unique way to help customers dress “smart-casual” which between casual and business. For the position in the market, everything Manvelous do is bound by one simple thought: Strive to help you to live like nobody but yourself.
2. Development of brand:
  2013.07-The preparation period of Manvelous: Products on the market that can fulfill customers’ taste are both in a high price and out of fashion. In order to provide high quality and fashionable clothing, two designers and an internet worker decided to start their own business to change that situation.
2013.10-During this period, we searched for the best and finest materials and finalized all the materials from major body to every single stripe. To ensure quality, we purchase material from the very beginning.
2014.06-With development of company, the concept of brand starts to be clear. The number of employees increase to more than 100.
2015.01-The set-up of Manvelous and concept smart-casual.
2015.02-For the best cut, “Every sample in each size should be test on more than 30 models” was written in company’s constitution.
2015.09-Put up plant fiber material. Greener than Greener.

2016.06-Become the first entering Brand in Tbdress and develop at top speed.
3. Conclusion:
  Though Manvelous is still young, there are many talented and experienced guys in Manvelous’ group. They are from all kinds of industries and had already been the best. To make our clothing better and cheaper, we focus on every clothes and detail. With delication, love and unique design, Manvelous provides you the best clothing and experience. 


Queenus Brand of tbdress-TBderss Reviews

  Queenus is one of the brand of tbdress store. Is there anyone know detailed info about this brand? If you have not heard of it, no matter, and now TBdress Reviews is very glad to introduce it to you.
1. Product style:
Queenus women follow their heart and appreciate only the most classic modern fashion styles. Queenus aims to create a union of the body and the soul by presenting both the outer physical charm of the female beauties and the inner voices of urban professional women who are strong, confident, forward looking and with direction. Every piece of our clothing catches a queen in a different perspective. But in the end all queens are strong and elegant and above all know their own mind.
  Look at the below V-Neck Plain Bell Sleeve Lapel Women's Blouse from tbderss.com. Do you like this style?
2. Brand ethos:
Our destiny is not to fulfill other people's expectations but to stay true to what we hold dear. Everything Queenus does is based on this belief. In the eyes of our Virgo designer, choosing clothes is not just about sorting through fabrics. It is also about having a conversation with your heart.
Queenus believes that every piece of clothing has its own soul which gives it meaning and life.
3. Brand introduction:
Queenus is a women clothing brand created in March 2015 with its focus on urban fashion. It has since won the heart of urban career women with its trendy and miscellaneous designs, engaging colors, elegant taste, reasonable prices and warm and thoughtful customer service.
Queenus made its debut on TBdress in September 2015, and gained increasing popularity ever since. It is now one of the leading brands on TBdress and creates a new sales record each single day.
4. Brand story:
People tend to rush these days but we understand that designing requires patience and devotion. So often we battle over what stitches to use so many times before it is finally carried out. We are maniacs when it comes to attention to detail and that is why we are confident about every piece of our work. If you like our clothes, we are honored. We hope that Queenus happens to appreciate what you appreciate and that you see a queen in yourself whenever you are wearing a Queenus.
5. Brang history:
Queenus was founded in March 2015 and has enjoyed double-digit revenue growth in the past year. It joined TBdress in September 2015 by which time it had already gained an international reputation. It sells beyond mainland China and has gradually built its customer base in such markets as the United States, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia,Lebanon and the Caribbean.
At present Queenus sells over 100,000 garments each month around the globe. We are marching onward toward a better future.


Plusee Brand of tbderss-TBderss Reviews

  PLUSEE is one of the brand of tbdress store. Is there anyone know the history of this brand? If you have not heard of it, no matter, and now TBdress Reviews is very glad to introduce it to you.
 PLUSEE: A different interpretation of the fashion.
 With meticulous attitude for art by heart, every product comes out as an exquisite art work. Unique inspiration gives every product of the Luxes Kally fresh vitality.
  PLUSEE supply size range XL-5XL. 
  PLUSEE rely on popular styles, elaborate techniques,high quality and reasonable price win the majority of customers and affirmation.
Below is V-Neck Floral Print Skinny Shorts Women's Jumpsuit. 
2010-Brand was established and sold to the United States and Canada through the Tidebuy website
2011-Sold on TBdress website
2012-Began to enter the European market
2013-Sold more than 20 million pieces throughout the year
2014-Sold on Ericdress and other websites
2015-Sold more than 50 million pieces throughout the year
2016-Customers have been around the world more than 200 countries and regions
2017-Still on the way forward


Sisjuly Brand of tbdress-TBderss Reviews

  Sisjuly is one of the brand of tbdress store. Do you know the story and detailed info about this brand? If you never heard of it, do not worry. Now TBdress Reviews will introduce the details to you all.
  Sisjuly is a classic Vintage style, and focus on 1950s style women's clothing.

  We do not create classic, only carry forward classic.
  Now, let's read some tbdress reviews about this sisjuly style dress:
  The dress took forever to arrive, actually, I forgot that I had purchased it until It arrived at my home today 03/08/2016. When I opened the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality of material and the design looks just like the picture. I actually thought I had ordered the outfit for ASOS.com because of the great quality after going through my emails , I realized the dress was purchased at this website for a steal! Needless to say... I'm very happy with this purchase l!!!
  I received this dress about a month ago, I have not worn it yet. But it is beautiful. It fits well and I love the material. It looks just like the picture. I am very happy with this purchase.
  Your website is amazing.. always find the greatest products+ the lowest prices. Thank you!


Vintacy Brand of tbdress-TBderss Reviews

  Vintacy is one of the brand of tbdress.com. Here TBdress Reviews want to introduce this brand in details.
Brand name: 
  Everywhere thou have stayed, with my hands to be seized; 
Time flies like a shuttle, time never changes a little.
Follow our goal.
  Set out like a snail, seek for myself with thy smell;
Walk straight without stop, in the distance that we hope.
Guide for our soul.

  Human are beings since we pursue mental things such as beauty except material. We write poems, compose music and communicate for beauty to fill our emptiness of spirit. The truth is beauty makes everything in our world better and wonderful. The pursuit of beauty is always the beginning and destination of Vintacy.
Story of Vintacy:
Time: 1998, 2000
Place: England, China, Italy, America
It is a long story.
Event I: Fall In Love - Unexpected
In 1998, it was a summer that the story happened. our designer in the early generation, met a girl in England. He told us, in his eyes that she was the most beautiful girl in the world with her charming smile melting his heart. At the first sight he happened to her, he fell in love with the one he thought. After his unreasonable inquiry, finally, he got her name, Vintacy.

Event II: Admiring - Meet By Second Chance
Two months later, they met by second chance in China. There and then he knew she was perfect. As a poet, Vintacy was gifted. As a dancer, she had elegant postures. A singer, sounds of nature. In a word, she was talented and he admired her.

Event III: Romantic Love - Unrequited Love
Our designer could not hold back his affection, so he told Vintacy his feeling without her feedback, and began his unrequited love. He remembered that every day he would send a bunch of bright red rose without postcard. He payed a boy for following her, so that he could show up in time when she got troubled. In August the Southern part of China was covered by kinds of blooming flowers, and the August in that year also witnessed another kind of romance.

Event IV: Helpless - Vintacy’s Secret
Vintacy felt his affection, immersed in his love, but she was helpless. She knew that they could not be together in the end, since she had been forced to marry with a rich merchant because of his parents six months before. She was reluctant to give up their feelings, but she made up her mind to tell him her secret after a hard struggle.

Event V: Leave - Best Way To Cherish
Lightning and thundering, he could not accept the truth, but he chose to leave. “It is the best way to cherish”, he thought at that time. Our designer left for Italy and settled down here. He wanted to get down to his work, but he did not find a way to forget her. He found a fashion brand, named after “Vintacy”.

Event VI: “Vintacy” - Child of Love
Two years later in America, Vintacy got lung cancer. His husband was a rich merchant, but he was unwilling to pay for her cancer, and he even chose to divorce Vintacy. Heard from her parents, our designer flied to America. He accompanied her for another 40 years. During the years, they got married and worked together for their child of love, “Vintacy”.
“It was a memorable time”.


Young17 Brand @tbdress.com-TBdress Reviews

  Young17 is one of the brand of tbdress.com. Here TBdress Reviews want to introduce this brand in details.
  2013—Young17 was established in 2013 as a new brand. It helps young fashion lovers originate a daring and forward dressing code through its unique and creative sales model.
  2014—Young17 officially went into operation.
  2015—Young17 joined Amazon and Aliexpress and other reputable Ecommerce platforms and since then has achieved a leading position in the industry.

  2016—With product quality at its core Young17 is able to maintain a leading position in sales ranking.
  Young17, Born in Beijing, Cancer
  She is your secret best friend who knows your childhood dreams.   She knows you wished to be a princess. She knows you used to skip classes.
  She knows you to be caring and kind and that you believe in love and strength. You are passionate and sometimes a rebel and you surrender to no limitations but your own imagination.
  She visits the places you long to go and takes you there in your sleeps. She is the breeze from Jerusalem.

  She is the one you see when you look into the mirror. She is you and she is not you-TBdress Reviews.


Kinikiss Brand @TBdress.com-TBdress Reviews

  Kinikiss is one of the brand of tbdress.com. Here is the details about this brand.
 Kinikiss'guiding design principles on tbdress are trend, sexiness and femininity. It highlights the sweetness and charm of womanhood and is tailored to fit the natural curves of the female body. You will not pass anywhere without notice, not in the street, and certainly not in a party.
  Choose tbderss, choose kinikiss style, then enjoy the authentic self from now on. 
  About this sexy shining kinikiss style dress, you must want to know some tbdress reviews from our customer. Read the following reviews and hope they can useful for your shopping!
  Look beautiful and sexy in it. Happy to have one piece.I highly recommend this dress and I plan to buy more! Love it!!!
  I loved this dress so much, for the price it's a really high quality and the seller was really nice about the changing sizes for me. I loved this dress.
  I am satisfied with the product and delivery was fast.Black lace dress make me look elegant.