The match skill of red clothes-TBdress Reviews

  Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips for clothing matching skill. Maybe it's useful to you! 
  Red: When is putting on the red clothes, face's bottom color most envies the yellowing, therefore may use the pink the base scratch coat, surface layer and base homochromy or compared to base slightly pale fellow-students of the same department color. The eye ointment uses the gray, the eyebrow pencil to use the black, the rouge available rose color, the lipstick and the cuticle cream uses the deep rose color. Red easiest to match the color is a white, may cause red to be more conspicuous; The black is also most suits matching the color. Because is the striking contrast color, therefore do not use the same ratio to build matches colors, For example the red shirt and the woolen sweater, match the black the skirt, the trousers and so on, must by key match by the red clothing. The gray is also the color which and red mixes very much, moreover may match very much splendidly. For example, the bright red coat is joined to the appropriate skirt, perhaps the white trousers, look like have the spirit, vividly; But the low chest big collar's bright red coat, is joined to the long skirt, will look like will appear is sexy; Inlays nearby the fallen leaf the red shirt, is joined to the broken pleat to restore the old the type skirt, looks like looks like several year-old young girl, very small childish.

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