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Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips for clothing matching skill. Maybe it's useful to you!
  1. Green: By the very popular that kind of pale-green, besides matches the white, was not easy to find a more ideal matching. If the greenishness matches red, too earth; Matches the black, too sinks; Matches the blue color, the commit flushes; Matched the yellow only to be able to say may reluctantly; If puts on the green clothes, may select the white the handbag and the leather shoes, the silver-gray effect next best, other colors little bump to wonderfully. Therefore, buys the green time the clothing, cannot impulse, greedy, must pay attention to itself whether to have the white and the silver skirt, the trousers match; , buys the green skirt, the green trousers, might also not forget to be joined to a white the sports coat.
  2. Black: In the clothing aspect, the black is actually each kind of color best builds matches colors, regarding the bright-colored person, puts on the black clothes, doubles immediately colorful illumination person. Regarding the build big obesity, the black is one kind most has the contraction effect the color, under the black camouflage, looks like must compared to the real build slender many, not only that black after other color mix still had the contraction effect, like reddish black, blue-black, dark green and so on. When puts on the black clothing, to avoid the whole body black, should by not plant the color the fitting to relax the monotonous feeling.  For example may match the golden yellow scarf red bangle, the leather shoes is quite well distributed by the black or the deep coffee color. If two section of-like attire, may match up and down with many kinds of colors, if the black T-shirt, outside coats the red short-sleeved garment coat. May also on the black skirt, the pants be joined to the orange color, the white, the yellow and so on more striking contrast color coat. When puts on the whole body is black, is joined to has the feather boutonniere, most can display the feather the gentle feeling. Some point must pay attention, that is the black and half tint matching is not easy to flatter. Like flesh color, pessimistic, blue, pale grass-green and so on gentle color puts when the same place, the black will lose the intense contraction effect, but becomes the deficient individuality.

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