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Clocolor is one of the brand of tbdress store. Is there anyone know the history of this brand? If you have not heard of it, no matter, and now TBdress Reviews is very glad to introduce it to you.
  Clocolor was established in 2010 which was the first self-established brand of Talang Ltd's. Its users spread all over the world with more than 220 countries.
  In 2011, in order to provide better service, Clocolor separated from more than 60 market suppliers of Talang Ltd and set up its own factory with designers and pattern makers. With the overseas market and Treader business system continues to expand.
  In 2013, Clocolor has millions of registered users and takes up 60% of the women clothing's revenue of Talang Ltd. Because of those loyal users Clocolor is formed with the style of fashion&simple. With the overseas market's expanding, Clocolor will expand more series such as Modern series, work to wear etc.
  In 2015, May, Clocolor is built as international brand with professional models shooting.
  Hundreds of women clothes are shot every week and they are shown and sold on the website such as Tbdress and the platform such as Amazon and AliExpress.

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