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  Manvelous is one of the brand of tbdress store. Is there anyone know the detailed info about this brand? If you have not heard of it, no matter, and now TBdress Reviews is very glad to introduce it to you.
1. Brand introduction:
  Manvelous is a young and fashion brand founded in 2015. Covering 3 main categories including tops, outerwear, bottom. Manvelous complement each other in a unique way to help customers dress “smart-casual” which between casual and business. For the position in the market, everything Manvelous do is bound by one simple thought: Strive to help you to live like nobody but yourself.
2. Development of brand:
  2013.07-The preparation period of Manvelous: Products on the market that can fulfill customers’ taste are both in a high price and out of fashion. In order to provide high quality and fashionable clothing, two designers and an internet worker decided to start their own business to change that situation.
2013.10-During this period, we searched for the best and finest materials and finalized all the materials from major body to every single stripe. To ensure quality, we purchase material from the very beginning.
2014.06-With development of company, the concept of brand starts to be clear. The number of employees increase to more than 100.
2015.01-The set-up of Manvelous and concept smart-casual.
2015.02-For the best cut, “Every sample in each size should be test on more than 30 models” was written in company’s constitution.
2015.09-Put up plant fiber material. Greener than Greener.

2016.06-Become the first entering Brand in Tbdress and develop at top speed.
3. Conclusion:
  Though Manvelous is still young, there are many talented and experienced guys in Manvelous’ group. They are from all kinds of industries and had already been the best. To make our clothing better and cheaper, we focus on every clothes and detail. With delication, love and unique design, Manvelous provides you the best clothing and experience. 

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