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Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips for clothing matching skill. Maybe it's useful to you!
  1. White: Under the white the rigging band stripe's faint yellow coat, is the gentle color optimal fit; The lower part of the body white as ivory trousers, the upper body is putting on the lavender western-style clothing likely, matches by the pure white shirt, is one kind of successful matching colors, but demonstrates the self-individuality fully; Looks like the white as ivory trousers and the ligh
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  2. Yellow: The high chroma yellow for the riches and honor elephant, the low chroma's yellow for the spring most ideal color, the brilliance yellow suits summer uses, but chroma deep strong yellow, then conforms to the autumn atmosphere. Buff color gauze nature clothes, have the romantic atmosphere very much, therefore might as well uses takes the long evening dress or the night clothes. The buff color coat may with the coffee color skirt, pants matching, join the shallow coffee color on buff color clothes the flower bud silk lace, causes clothes' outline to be more obvious.  Light yellow and the white is not very ideal matching. Easy to create the conflict with the buff color the color, is the pink, but the orange and the blue color are also matching coffee color and the buff color, is a brighter striking color, therefore might as well chooses the armor to have in the dark blue design silk, the scarf, inside puts on the white T-shirt or the shirt.

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