Clothing matching skill-TBdress Reviews

Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips for clothing matching skill. Maybe it's useful to you!
  1. Green: By the very popular that kind of pale-green, besides matches the white, was not easy to find a more ideal matching. If the greenishness matches red, too earth; Matches the black, too sinks; Matches the blue color, the commit flushes; Matched the yellow only to be able to say may reluctantly; If puts on the green clothes, may select the white the handbag and the leather shoes, the silver-gray effect next best, other colors little bump to wonderfully. Therefore, buys the green time the clothing, cannot impulse, greedy, must pay attention to itself whether to have the white and the silver skirt, the trousers match; , buys the green skirt, the green trousers, might also not forget to be joined to a white the sports coat.
  2. Black: In the clothing aspect, the black is actually each kind of color best builds matches colors, regarding the bright-colored person, puts on the black clothes, doubles immediately colorful illumination person. Regarding the build big obesity, the black is one kind most has the contraction effect the color, under the black camouflage, looks like must compared to the real build slender many, not only that black after other color mix still had the contraction effect, like reddish black, blue-black, dark green and so on. When puts on the black clothing, to avoid the whole body black, should by not plant the color the fitting to relax the monotonous feeling.  For example may match the golden yellow scarf red bangle, the leather shoes is quite well distributed by the black or the deep coffee color. If two section of-like attire, may match up and down with many kinds of colors, if the black T-shirt, outside coats the red short-sleeved garment coat. May also on the black skirt, the pants be joined to the orange color, the white, the yellow and so on more striking contrast color coat. When puts on the whole body is black, is joined to has the feather boutonniere, most can display the feather the gentle feeling. Some point must pay attention, that is the black and half tint matching is not easy to flatter. Like flesh color, pessimistic, blue, pale grass-green and so on gentle color puts when the same place, the black will lose the intense contraction effect, but becomes the deficient individuality.


Tanpell Brand Dress Style-TBdress Reviews

Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips for clothing matching skill. Maybe it's useful to you!
  1. White: Under the white the rigging band stripe's faint yellow coat, is the gentle color optimal fit; The lower part of the body white as ivory trousers, the upper body is putting on the lavender western-style clothing likely, matches by the pure white shirt, is one kind of successful matching colors, but demonstrates the self-individuality fully; Looks like the white as ivory trousers and the ligh
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  2. Yellow: The high chroma yellow for the riches and honor elephant, the low chroma's yellow for the spring most ideal color, the brilliance yellow suits summer uses, but chroma deep strong yellow, then conforms to the autumn atmosphere. Buff color gauze nature clothes, have the romantic atmosphere very much, therefore might as well uses takes the long evening dress or the night clothes. The buff color coat may with the coffee color skirt, pants matching, join the shallow coffee color on buff color clothes the flower bud silk lace, causes clothes' outline to be more obvious.  Light yellow and the white is not very ideal matching. Easy to create the conflict with the buff color the color, is the pink, but the orange and the blue color are also matching coffee color and the buff color, is a brighter striking color, therefore might as well chooses the armor to have in the dark blue design silk, the scarf, inside puts on the white T-shirt or the shirt.


Tips to stretch your wardrobe dollars-TBdress Reviews

  Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips to stretch your wardrobe dollars. Hope you enjoy it!
  1.Compatible shoes and hosiery - For a work wardrobe, shoes and hosiery are the finishing touch. Purchase quality shoes and take care of them. Shoes that are run down, scuffed and showing wear make you look the same way, no matter how polished and professional the rest of your outfit. Job interviewers have been taught to check out a prospective employee's shoes, and for entrepreneurs, prospective clients do the same thing! If they don't look their best, it will reflect badly on you. When you find shoes that fit well and feel good on your feet, buy several pair in your foundation colors, and two pair of your most often-worn color so that you can give one pair a rest while wearing the other. Avoid fads in shoes and stick with classic designs like pumps and sling backs for women, and wingtips or oxfords for men. Ladies, stick with a heel no higher than 2 ", and no lower than " for ease in walking and a reduced chance of injury.
  2.Organize and categorize - Once you've determined your foundation colors for your wardrobe, you can organize and categorize your clothing for easy selection and wearing. Hang jackets by sleeve length, color and garment length, or combined with matching pieces to create ready-made outfits. Keep similar fabric weights close together to avoid putting a heavy wool jacket over a lightweight chiffon or silk skirt. Put mix-and-match items near their foundation counterparts for easier selection. Move items that need cleaning to a specific area for easy pick up and removal.
  3.Take notes for future use - Whenever you are shopping, take along color swatches of your basic colors and those determined to be right for you. Make a promise to yourself to stay with your correct colors, and keep notes of what basic foundation items you already own. No one really needs 10 virtually identical black dresses or 10 identical black suits! One of the guidelines of Professional Wardrobing is to make sure that any item you purchase must either be compatible with at least two other items in your closet, or it must be a foundation garment that could be combined with other pieces to create many other outfits. In this way, you'll be sure to maximize your clothing dollars and create a terrific wardrobe.
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The Power of Color in Business-TBdress Reviews

  Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some the importance of color in business. Hope you enjoy it!
  For businesswomen, the most effective colors are charcoal grey and navy blue. Even though spring is here and bright colors are in fashion, there is power in the colors we sometimes think of as boring or just for winter. When you are dealing with money, people and legal matters, your clients or prospects want to be reassured that you are dependable, trustworthy and focused on the matters at hand. The darker the shade of every color, the more down to earth and reliable you appear. Greys project authority. Blues project trust. Darken these two colors and you can see why they are so effective when you go to a meeting to sign a contract, discuss a raise or promotion, or deal with lawyers and bankers.
  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lighter a shade is, the softer your impact is on others. If you are a leader on a project, in your company or an association, your purpose is not always to be in the limelight. There are times you need to gather information while NOT drawing attention to yourself. There are times you need to deliver hard news, conduct an exit interview or deal with an emotionally changed group of people. Pastel blue, soft yellows and light pinks will help you visually soothe the people you could be at odds with. These are situations when you do not wear red. Red is known as "the" power color, but here is the reasoning behind that. When we see red, our blood pressure increases slightly, as does our brain activity. What red is great for is when you are giving a presentation and you want people to remember what you said. Wearing red helps others more easily retain your message because their brain activity is in a heightened state.
  So many women have closets with an overabundance of black clothes. We rend to think it hides our flaws and/or extra weight. It can, but black does more than that. It is a great networking color among others in leadership positions. Yet when we are with subordinates, head-to-toe black can be seen as a wall around the authority figure that can stop the flow of open communication. People can see you as the leader (when you wear black), but may not volunteer feedback, insight or information if they do not want to challenge you as the leader. "She can handle it," may be the prevailing attitude as others remain in the background watching you handle the hard tasks. If you are a manager and your department is not forthcoming with you, you may be overwhelming them with the black in your wardrobe. Medium shades of any other color will draw others to you when you want more interaction.
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Tips to stretch your wardrobe dollars-TBdress Reviews

Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips to stretch your wardrobe dollars. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Purchase for Multi-season use - Try to purchase fabrics that are multi-seasonal. A heavy, textured wool jacket is only good for the coldest of weather, whereas one made of mid-weight or lighter weight wool or wool blend could be worn with a sweater in cold weather and with a shirt or blouse in warmer weather. You'll get more use from multi-season garments than those with a single-season focus.
  2. Remember the basics - Suits and separates can form the foundation of a great working wardrobe. Single and double-breasted long-sleeved blazers with matching skirts for women or pants for men or women are essential basics. Save the novelty items for your casual days at home, or for accessory pieces. Don't try to build a wardrobe around the "trend of the moment". When the trend passes, you'll look dated. Purchase basic building pieces to build your wardrobe and you'll be able to mix and match pieces to create lots of different looks with a minimal investment.
  3. Accessorize with style - Every wardrobe needs a certain investment in accessories. The considered use of scarves, jewelry and pins, ties and pocket squares, and even hosiery, shoes and hats can transform ordinary clothing into something extraordinary. Determine whether your coloring is cool or warm and let that guide you in choosing accessories, especially metal jewelry. If your coloring is warm, gold will emphasize the glow in your skin. If your coloring is cool, choose more silver, platinum or white gold to emphasize the contrast of your skin. Combining smart accessories with a basic wardrobe ensures you'll always look coordinated and polished, not thrown-together or haphazard.
  4. Buy quality over quantity - When purchasing clothing, consider buying items that are fully lined versus only partially lined or unlined (the clothing will "hang" better and last longer). Purchase items with a good feel and drape to the fabric, and choose clothing distributors that have a reputation for quality. It's not necessary to only buy wool, when a better grade wool or polyester blend will work as well initially. Buying a $400 suit for $175 on sale is a really good deal, considering the fabric and construction of that suit will be better than the $150 suit purchased on sale for $80. The more expensive suit will be worn more often and cost you less per wearing. A less expensive piece won't be worn as often and won't last, thereby costing you more per wearing.
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TBdress Fashion style Reviews

Now, TBdress reviews is very glad to share 3 different styles dress with you, maybe there is a style is your love. If you do not like any style, please feel free to browse tbdress.com to know more other fashion styles.


Tips to Stretch Your Wardrobe Dollars-TBdress Reviews

Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some tips to stretch your wardrobe dollars. Hope you enjoy it!
  1. Buy what works for you! - Don't waste your money buying two-piece suits if you work in a warehouse! Take your job responsibilities into account when purchasing clothing for your career. If you work outdoors, buy clothing fit for your environment. Don't buy items that you won't feel comfortable in, because you won't wear those items and that's wasted money!
  2.Stick to your best colors - Have a professional Color Analysis done to determine what the most flattering colors are for you. By sticking to those colors, you'll be assured that you'll always have mix and match capability and you'll always look great! One of the foundations of Capsule Wardrobing is the selection of 3 basic colors to build a wardrobe on. Make sure they are the right ones for you!
  3.Buy the right size for right now - Clothing manufacturers are not known for their adherence to standards. Don't get hung up on what size the clothing is tagged as, get hung up on proper fit! If the article of clothing feels tight, pulls or seems stressed at the seams, it won't last as long, and it will make you look heavier in the process. Buy clothing that fits you well and it will not only make you look better, it will last longer.
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"Best online shopping experience"-TBdress Reviews

  The dress is beautiful, a lot bigger/ longer than expected for my Niece. Will have to take her to get alterations however glad its too big than to small! The color is a little more pink then was hoping but still looks gorgeous on her for my wedding. This order came extremely fast and am very pleased with everything over all.
  I received my dress and oh boy I an trilled , my dress was made exactly as it look online , I am very pleased and I had no problem with the shipment . would order from you again .thank you very much it was worth it.
  Am glad to have shopped here. Great dresses at a cheaper price. Would love coming back for more, amazing-TBdress Reviews.


Creating Powerful First Impressions-TBdress Reviews

  Here TBdress Reviews share 6 Keys to Creating Powerful First Impressions with you all:
  1.Smile! A genuine smile, one that reaches your eyes and shines through your face and body language, is one that will encourage people to smile back. It makes strangers more comfortable with you, makes you seem more approachable, and gives a sense of comfort to those around you.
  2.Use direct eye contact - You can convey power, authority and presence by using direct eye contact and direct eye contact also conveys trustworthiness and confidence. Be careful not to stare hard at another person, or you could convey a more confrontational attitude.
  3.Wear colors compatible with your basic coloring - Human beings are one of two colorations: warm or cool. People with warm coloring look best in yellow-based colors like gold, warm reds, golden browns, and rich ivory. People with cool coloring look best in blue-based colors like true reds, blues, greens and winter white. Your eye, hair and skin tone help determine whether you are cool or warm, and that helps determine what colors look best on you!
  4.Have great Hair Days! - Don't fight your natural hair texture. If you have extremely curly hair, find a hairdresser that has the skill and patience to cut naturally curly hair and celebrate it. You can develop a unique presence by your hairstyle, so if it's straight, wavy, kinky, curly or nappy, enjoy it, and get a hairstyle that works with your natural texture. It'll save you time and aggravation over fighting to straighten extra-curly hair, or trying to get kinky hair to lie flat like newspaper.
  5.Watch those lines! - Every day that you get dressed, you are sending a message. If you purchase clothing based on it's effect on your body frame and choose items that celebrate your best features, getting dressed will no longer become an occasion for anxiety, but one of joy and happiness! The right proportions of clothing can make you look younger and thinner (or fuller, if you want that!) or they can make you look dowdy, matronly or unfinished. Choose to look your best in clothing that flatters your silhouette, body frame and size.
  6.Avoid trendiness at all costs - The trend of the moment may not be right for you! Some of the fashion trends that have come and gone include micro-minis, hot pants, the 'grunge' look, psychedelic eye makeup and others. Though these trends may be fun to look at, they are often impractical for everyday wear, or simply not affordable. Choose items for your wardrobe that can serve multiple purposes and won't look dated as soon as they are purchased.
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Which one do you like?-TBdress Reviews

  Do you like this jean pant or shorts? Or the blue dress? tbdress.com can provide you quantities of fashion items. Welcome you to check.
  Now, here are some tbdress reviews from our real customer:
  I received my dress and oh boy I an trilled , my dress was made exactly as it look online , I am very pleased and I had no problem with the shipment . would order from you again .thank you very much it was worth it.
  Am glad to have shopped here. Great dresses at a cheaper price. Would love coming back for more, amazing.
  The beautiful bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous and had plenty of seam to make alterations. I did the sewing, so I know they were well made!


Handbags Are A Popular Fashion Accessory-TBdress Reviews

  Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share the importance of handbags. Hope you enjoy it!
  Guess is a widely recognized brand name that most people associate with clothing. But Guess handbags have made their way to the forefront with the creation of many stylish and unique designs. The Guess handbag is now a must have amongst the fashion elite due to the many desirable colors, styles, and designs of handbags. Guess is a popular designer name that both women and teens love to wear, so you will notice women of all ages carrying Guess designer handbags.
  Guess offers very unique and stylish handbags that catch the attention of all women. The Guess barrel handbag is a popular style that offers a clean polished look. Materials such as croc print, jacquard, and vinyl with the Guess "G" logo are common amongst the Guess barrel handbags.
  The Guess satchel handbag is another favorite that comes in a variety of materials and styles, and also sports the "G" logo. The Guess satchel goes with almost anything and looks very stylish. Something important to consider when buying a handbag is how much space you have inside. The Guess satchel handbag seems to be quite roomy allowing for all the personal items you like to carry with you.
  These are just a few of the handbag styles offered by Guess. Check out the internet for a wide variety of handbag styles and designs by Guess and you are sure to find one that you like.

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How to Dress for the Business World-TBdress Reviews

  Today, TBdress Reviews would like to give you some tips for Dressing for the Business World. Hope you enjoy it!
  1.Treat your business clothing as an investment and choose wisely. Make sure you buy classic styles that suit your body shape, are comfortable, have quality workmanship and quality material. This is no time to try the latest fads. Take your time and shop around for the best price and the best service. Be aware of the return policy and if possible purchase your wardrobe items at a store that can do professional alternations if necessary.
  2.For business situations match your handbag, shoes and belt. Black shoes should be matched with a black handbag. This is not a time to get creative with your accessories or to wear colored shoes.
  3.Do not neglect your outerwear. Purchase a good quality coat that can be worn with either pants or a skirt. For cooler weather don't neglect your outdoor footwear. For skirts choose long knee-high boots.
  4.Keep shoes and boots in a good state of repair. Scuffed shoes with worn heels will ruin the look of your outfit.
  5.To complete your look choose soft leather gloves that will add a nice touch as well as keep your hands from getting chapped.
  6.Choose clothing material that reflects the season. Heavy fabrics and tweeds are best for Fall and Winter and will look out of place during Summer, as light linen fabrics will look out of place during Winter.
  7.Always wear a belt where there are belt loops. Choose a good quality leather belt and don't be tempted to wear a flashy or plastic belt. If you don't like belts choose pants without loops.
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Great Selection. Great Service-TBdress Reviews

I had the best online shopping with tbdress. From the high-quality products to the standardized prices and great offers, not to mention best customer relations. you are the best. I will order again. Highly recommend.-TBdress Reviews
I am so pleased with this company. I find that the clothing I brought is absolutely wonderful, styles and quality are great, what arrived is exactly as pictured on the site and also the description of the article is spot on! The purchasing process was fantastic, easy and if you had a question the the service was great. This company holds up its promise in everything they offer and I will continue shopping with them.
I just received my dress, and it's freaking gorgeous!! I was a little bit anxious that it wouldn't look the same in real life, but it did! I love it. I was also surprised that the dress came so fast, I dind't even have to wait a month for it! Really good service. Thank you TBdress!-TBdress Reviews


Ways To Look Fabulous in White-TBdress Reviews

   Today, TBdress Reviews would like to teach you How To Ways To Look Fabulous in White. Maybe it's waht you want to know!
  Do you see white in your future? No, I'm not referring to a wedding but rather your summer wardrobe. Nothing spells summer like white. While the temperature rises you can stay cool and look fantastic in white. White will add impact to your summer wardrobe and will keep you looking fresh and inviting. To get the most from wearing white I have a few suggestions.
  1.White reflects light so wherever you wear it you will bring attention. Having said that, if you have any body parts you don't want to appear larger don't accentuate that area by adorning it in white and wearing a dark color next to it. What you can do is wear white from head- to- toe so no particular area has focus. For example, if you have large hips don't wear white bottoms with a dark top because the eye will be drawn to the bottom. Instead, wear a white top and white pants and use accessories to take the focus away from the problem area. Or wear white on top and black on the bottom.
  2.Wear black and white combinations with accessories to create impact. Wear a white skirt with a black top, black shoes, white handbag, and a black/white necklace. Handbags and scarves that have a black and white pattern will also bring some pizzazz. Experiment.
  3.To change your look, wear white with bright colors such as pink and green. Again, choose accessories that will add interest. A pink or green bag, pink jewelry, pink shoes etc. You can also try 3 color combinations such as pink/black/white green/black/white or red/black/white.
  4.Wear white only until the end of the summer season and don't wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride.
  5.Wear white T-shirts with jeans and choose a finer fabric to wear with suits for a more professional look. When you wear whites pay attention to your undergarments - avoid lacy bras - choose to wear nudes, they will not show under white.
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Fashion Ponchos-TBdress Reviews

TBdress Reviews:
  Women's fashion ponchos featured strongly on the catwalks this season.
  Gone are the heavy, horse-blanket style ponchos of yesteryear, replaced by delicate fabrics and sexy styles that complement every body. Fashion ponchos hide a multitude of sins.
  Whether you choose silky, sheer and sexy, or embroidered ethnic style, the poncho can be adapted for all sizes and all occasions.
Your fashion poncho can be thrown over a pair of jeans for a chic, casual look, or dress it up with a glittery brooch over your favorite little black dress for night time style.
  The hot fashion trend straight from the catwalk was the shabby-chic boho-style fashion poncho, ornamented with embroidery, beads and sparkles. Or the casually elegant cashmere poncho, perfect with your favorite jeans.
  Ponchos also come short and long this season. The chic little shrug-style poncho clasped or tied on the shoulder in soft knits and delicate lace was featured by many European designers for spring/summer. Also featured were longer, asymmetrical fashion ponchos in a rainbow-bright display of colors and patterns.
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TBdress fashion dress Reviews

There are many girls choose their summer dress on thbdress.com. What about you? Would you like to read some TBdress reviews to help you to shop here.
It is longer than the picture but that is ok as that's better than being too short. I will have it shortened before wearing it & save the beautiful lace & satin for something else such as a pillow! Thank-you TBdress. I will send a photo when I wear it. 
I bought some dresses last year. When they arrived I realized they didn't fit. I asked for a refund. It took 3 months to receive it after I sent the dresses back, but I finally received it. At the beginning I was very disappointed but I appreciated that in the end they were willing to help and I finally got my refund.

Fashion shirt-TBdress Reviews

I found this blouse occasionally on tbdress.com and now would 

like to share it with you all. Hope you can enjoy it.