Is Tbdress a scam or a legit website?

Tbdress says that they sell hundreds of dedicated dresses for global customers and most of their customers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. Customers around the world can purchase a wide range of products at low prices on tbdress.com.

Tbdress claims that they offer a quick-and-easy online purchasing process, and their dedicated customer service reps will help you out whenever you are having trouble. They say that their paypal paying processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment.  They say that their international delivery system is very mature, and they sell superior products and provide better and faster online shopping service for all customers.

IS TBDRESS A SCAM OR A LEGIT WEBSITE? Let us find it out together!

I have searched on google and have found that tbdress scores 4.1 out of 5 on the platform of weddingwire. Most customers write reviews on this platform after purchasing wedding dresses、bridesmaid dresses or flower girl dresses from online stores.  Let us check those customers' reviews together!

Many customers who have purchased from tidestore have shared positive purchasing experience on this platform. If you have purchased from tbdress.com, why not share your purchasing experience with us as well? Whether it is a positive or a negative experience, you will be more than welcome to share your true experience with us!


How to make watermelon pops?

Last weekend I watched a TV program teaching people how to make "juice pops", then I tried to make my own version of "juice pops", and I am more than pleased with them and ready to do a second time. You could use whatever juice to make your "juice pops"! Let me share with you how did I make the juice pops! It's time to have fun!

First, Make 1 cup of watermelon liquid with your blender. and pour the juice into small cups, until 1/2 full. Place handi-wrap over the top of the cups, and use rubber bands to hold them in position. cut a tiny slit in the center of the handi-wrap, and put the popsicle stick into the juice, making sure the stick is held in place by the wrap.
Second, waiting until they are solid, and then cut a slit on the handi-wrap and take them out of the cup.

After they are taken out of the cup, you could eat them or put them into a ziplock bag and store in the freezer for next time.

Kids love them so much! Try to make some for the kids in your family, and they will love you so much! 


Planning to invite kids to wedding?

Have you ever thought about why do we invite kids to the wedding ceremonies? First of all, because they are younger members in a family, and because a wedding ceremony represents the beginning of a new family, kids should be there to celebrate. Also, inviting kids could make the ceremony cuter and the atmosphere sweeter. Kids' laughter could make great pictures for the wedding ceremony. 

If you choose to have kids at your wedding date, be sure that both parents and kids will be attending. This is common sense but is overlooked by many couples. The kids of your friends and family need to be well behaved, and can play well with other kids. If those kids meet the conditions, then you should invite them to your wedding. If you are going to let the kids have fun at your wedding day, please remember do not make it look like a birthday party for the kids, because it is your wedding after all. 

Inviting well behaved kids could make your wedding day enjoyable and memorable for your guests and particularly you! 

I'd love to hear from any of you who's made this tough choice! 


Tips for choosing dresses for your bridesmaids

Every girl in the world has been dreaming of her wedding gown since she was a little girl, but has any girl ever thought about what should she wear to other girls’ wedding? Probably the answer is “no”. It is said that brides choose ugly dresses for bridesmaids so that brides themselves could be stunning on their big day, but the truth is it is hard for brides to choose dresses that could look good on everyone, and satisfy everyone’s personal taste.

I will share with you 3 ideas for bridesmaid dresses that will surely let your bridesmaid love you. It is absolutely your big day, but make your bridesmaids happy with their dresses will make yourself happier, right?

1. Choose dresses in a single color and fabric but varying in styles, so your bridesmaids have options.

You want the bridesmaids to look like the same, but you also want them to wear dresses that fit their shape, the best way is to choose dresses in a single color and fabric but varying in styles, in this way your bridesmaid will be happy forever. They could choose between strapless, one-shoulder dresses and so on, but overall they will look the same.

2. Find a dress that makes everyone look good.

Traditionally, every bridesmaid wears the same dress, but the dress could not make everyone look good. If you determine to follow the traditional way, make sure to choose a dress that could absolutely make most women look good, you could achieve it by asking all of your bridesmaids take part in choosing the correct dresses.

3. Ask your bridesmaids make a rainbow, you will have a lot of beautiful photos on your big day.

Wedding photographers are obsessed with this idea, and having your bridesmaids make a rainbow with different color dresses is really a good idea. Let your bridesmaid choose one color of the rainbow, and remember to let them hold the same color bouquet on your big day as well. Your wedding photos will look perfect!