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Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share some weird shoes with you. Hope you enjoy it!
Top new shoes collection at Spring 2016. All new weird shoes collections has show at Paris,Milan,New York,and Londos Fashion Show.
The event fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris has revealed the latest trends, especially for shoes. Spring 2016 collection was dominated by the design of the shoes out of the box. As quoted from thefashionspot, following ‘sightings’ these shoes.
1. Fur Shoes ‘Elmo’

Not only creating a shoe-shaped feet, Celine also launched shoes that use fur material on the entire surface of the shoe, heels are no exception. Election is like the color red as the color of ‘Elmo’, a character in the children’s show Sesame Street.
2. Fur Shoes ‘Big Bird’

After ‘Elmo’, Celine also presents furry boots ‘Big Bird’ big yellow bird character in the show Sesame Street kid. Unlike shoes ‘Elmo’ heels on the shoes ‘Big Bird’ comes with a wooden stiletto models without feathers wrapped.
3. Fur Shoes ‘Cookie Monster’ 

Not satisfied with creating sepayu bermaterial pointy feathers, Celine also issued sandals upper lined with faux fur purplish blue. This color is also called coat color similar to other Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster.

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