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If your closet is bursting at the seams, but you're tired of wearing the same outfits week after week, it's time to refine and reorganize your wardrobe. A good wardrobe revamp will not only unearth those hidden gems, it will help you hone your personal style and step away from old, safe outfit choices so you can have a fresh look in the new year.
1. Be Brutal:
If you really want a sleek and chic closet, you'll have to be strict. If your jeans are too tight and give you a muffin top, they have to go. If an item doesn't fit and flatter, get rid of it. Get rid of things you never wear, even if you like them. Jess Zaino, New York-based stylist says, "if you haven't worn it for six months, if it still has a tag on it, or has any yellowing and frays, ditch it!"
2. Dare To Be Different:
Honing your style can be easier than it seems. Bloch suggests choosing basics with a slight twist. A little black dress can have an "interesting sleeve or an interesting neckline that makes you a little bit more chic," he says. "It can also be navy or perhaps, deep plum or forest green." A classic black suit could be charcoal gray or brown.
3. Listen To Yourself:
When trying on items, Bloch says, "ask yourself, does it look good on my waist, my arms, my hips? Go down your body." Zaino also suggests going with your gut. "If you put it on and it makes you look and feel divine," she says, "keep it and wear it. Listen to your inner stylist and go for what looks and feels great."

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