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Tips for finding clothes that flatter smaller chests:
1. Highlight Your Arms
Just like tops with higher necks, tanks draw attention away from the middle and to the sides of your body, particularly your arms. Even better if you find a sleeveless shirt that can combine the two styles - it's the best of both worlds.
2. Or Your Back
With so many gorgeous backs out there, why not take advantage and show off this sexy, underrated body part? If you're not willing to go completely braless, try some pasties or a sticky bra, both of which will help prevent any fashion mishaps.
3. Define Your Waist
One great way to show off your shape, no matter what your size, is going with clothing that's nipped at the waist. Peplum tops or fit-and-flare dresses will help give you an hourglass shape, thus making you appear larger on top.
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