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Tips for finding clothes that flatter smaller chests:
1. Look For Embellishments
Opting for clothing with embellishments is another way to give the appearance of a bigger chest. It's an illusion: the more details, the fuller that area will look.
2. Play With Texture
The same as embellishments, anything with a bit of texture will add some volume. Ruffles are a nice way to plump up the chest area without playing with padding.
3. Go Oversize
While ladies with larger top halves fear baggy items make them look larger or lose the "oversize" factor altogether when stretching to cover, small-busted women have no need to worry. Take advantage. No one will be able to see what you're hiding under that sweater anyway.
4. Say No to Structure
Even if you're going for a work-appropriate look, it's best to avoid structured tops, which have the ability to flatten you out. Instead, go with something loose, like a wrap dress, which still has the same effect while being figure-flattering.

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