Tbdress Reviews - A-line High-neck Lace Flower Short-sleeves Long Evening Dress

Tbdress supply fashion evening dresses for elegant and sexy lady to attend party, today we will bring you a beautiful A-line High-neck Lace Flower Short-sleeves Long Evening Dress. tbdress reviews supply many useful tbdress reviews from tbdress real customer, hope these tbdress reviews will help you know more about tbdress item quality and customer service.enjoy!

  • Date:20/08/2014
  • By Djaanan
  • Here are some pictures of me in my dress. As I mentioned in my review of 2014/7/22, the back is covered in its whole like I requested. FYI, the measurements are custom, but they're closest to a size 8. Thank you again TBdress for this wonderful dress!
  • Date:22/07/2014
  • By Djé
  • Forgot to mention that the tailoring to my preferences also included making the back closed totally, so no skin is showed. They did that very nicely too!! I'm absolutely stunned by the possibilities :-)
  • Date:21/07/2014
  • By Djé
  • I just received my dress, which was perfectly tailored by tbdress, thanks!! Its quality is high class, I was very surprised by its softness. Definitely gonna order another dress in the future!
  • Dear sir or madam, thanks for your concern of our website and your kind feedback, and could you please send us some clear pictures to show your beautiful dress, waiting for your reply, thanks and best regards, customer service department.
  • Date:22/06/2014
  • By Layla
  • Hi. I was wondering what the small beading on the lace is, and if it is possible to not add it. Also what fabric is the belt made of, and is it possible to use another fabric for it?
  • Dear customer,there is no beads on the lace, and as to the belt material, which is "silk like satin",and we can make the belt with the material you like , and you need to leave us messsage in the message box,and when we see your message,we will make the dress as you requested ,Regards,Tbdress customer service.
  • Date:06/06/2014
  • By jolleydt
  • Hello tbdress: Got my dress the other day. It is so nice and really stunning. I can't wait to show it off at the wedding I will be attending this December. Thank you so much to the productin team. Love, love, love the dress. San Francisco.
  • Date:11/12/2013
  • By Heather
  • Hi! I really want to order this dress! It has taken me so long to find the dress I had in mind and this is the one! The only problem is that I would like to have before the 25th of December! Is that at all possible? Thank you
  • Date:21/10/2013
  • By lili4lyf
  • Hi, I ordered my dress a month or two ago for my leavers dinner (or formal, whatever you call it!) I ordered it in burgundy and had it custom-made to fit for my size (perfect hourglass) I was eagerly waiting for it to arrive, and when it did I was stoked!!! It did come a few shades lighter than I thought it would be but it was still stunning. I tried it on as soon as I got home and it fit perfectly, it had a bit of room but that was what I wanted (room for dancing, sitting etc.) So thank you so much!!! All the people I have showed it to have said it looks beautiful! Job fantastically done, TB!
  • Date:18/10/2013
  • By Evelyn Lovebridge
  • Hello! Is it possible to sew it so that the dress would be white while the belt and a flower remain red? Thank you in advance
  • Dear Customer,Thank you for you concerning our website and love our dress,I have confimed with our supplier,we can make the dress as your requirements,if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we would get back to you within 24 hours on working days.Customer service department.

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