Planning to invite kids to wedding?

Have you ever thought about why do we invite kids to the wedding ceremonies? First of all, because they are younger members in a family, and because a wedding ceremony represents the beginning of a new family, kids should be there to celebrate. Also, inviting kids could make the ceremony cuter and the atmosphere sweeter. Kids' laughter could make great pictures for the wedding ceremony. 

If you choose to have kids at your wedding date, be sure that both parents and kids will be attending. This is common sense but is overlooked by many couples. The kids of your friends and family need to be well behaved, and can play well with other kids. If those kids meet the conditions, then you should invite them to your wedding. If you are going to let the kids have fun at your wedding day, please remember do not make it look like a birthday party for the kids, because it is your wedding after all. 

Inviting well behaved kids could make your wedding day enjoyable and memorable for your guests and particularly you! 

I'd love to hear from any of you who's made this tough choice! 

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