How to make watermelon pops?

Last weekend I watched a TV program teaching people how to make "juice pops", then I tried to make my own version of "juice pops", and I am more than pleased with them and ready to do a second time. You could use whatever juice to make your "juice pops"! Let me share with you how did I make the juice pops! It's time to have fun!

First, Make 1 cup of watermelon liquid with your blender. and pour the juice into small cups, until 1/2 full. Place handi-wrap over the top of the cups, and use rubber bands to hold them in position. cut a tiny slit in the center of the handi-wrap, and put the popsicle stick into the juice, making sure the stick is held in place by the wrap.
Second, waiting until they are solid, and then cut a slit on the handi-wrap and take them out of the cup.

After they are taken out of the cup, you could eat them or put them into a ziplock bag and store in the freezer for next time.

Kids love them so much! Try to make some for the kids in your family, and they will love you so much! 

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