3 Worst Fall Fashions-TBdress Reviews

Today, TBdress Reviews would like to share the worst fall fashions with you. Maybe it's what you want to know!
1. Half Shaved Hair
Back in the early 90s, some of the more “alternative” girls at school used to shave their heads just at the nape of the neck—a type of risk-free, suburbanite rebellion. All you had to do was take down your ponytail after school and no one at the dinner table would be the wiser!
The new hairstyle being sported by Rihanna (it’s her second offense!) and others is reminiscent of that era—but gutsier. And not in a good way. I can’t imagine any of us mere mortals would actually sport this look in real life, but enough celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to make it worth pointing out (read: mocking).
2. Harem Pants
Otherwise known as parachute pants. Or—to a certain generation—Hammer pants. A ballooning, pleated top followed by an exceptionally unflattering tapered ankle? Classy!
These pants don’t look good on anyone. Not celebrities, not models and certainly not you or me. Why? If skinny jeans are unforgiving to anyone without a perfect silhouette, harem pants manage to be even worse by adding pounds to the most slender of physiques. Not to mention the fact that they just look stupid. So, unless you want your behind to look four times its size (and saggy), steer clear of this trend.
3. Stirrup Leggings
On a personal note, I’ve always hated stirrup pants—back in elementary school my mom actually forced me to wear them (along with a number of other “fashionable” atrocities). I hated them even more than the “it’s-cute-when-little-girls-dress-slutty” daisy dukes/crop top ensemble she laid out on my bed one unforgettable summer morning. These pants irritated the bottoms of my feet and crept down my waist.
What’s the point of the straps anyway? Surely leggings stay put just fine without them.
This look actually started making its way back into the mainstream as far back as ‘06 but seems to have peaked in ’09. But now that they’re selling them at Walmart, they must be on their way out. Here’s hoping!

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